Restaurant Design

A Chef reached out for us, he wants to open a restaurant. A restaurant that quite different from the others. He said to us “The menu would have to change almost every day depending on the quality and freshness of the ingredients”. If the fish is not fresh he won’t serve it. According to that ‘Shuffle’ seems to be the perfect name for the bistro. We were consulted to create a new identity and interior design. The logo mark comes from the shuffle icon with a sense of masculine and industrial look. The menu template was set up for them which they can edit and print them out every day. The interior design was inspired by the American rustic cuisine due to their cooking method. Rustic cooking is unrefined and simple, but also warm and inviting. It is typically based on old-fashioned preparation techniques, ingredient availability and a unique set of cultural influences which we wanted to give these experiences to the customer.

Client : Shuffle at Rainhill Bangkok, Thailand
Interior design : Wide & Narrow and Rox Space Studio
Photography : Pichan Sujaritsatit


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