The Boundary

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The Boundary Brand Identity & Packaging Design
The Boundary is a distinguished men's sartorial brand that redefines men's fashion with a relentless commitment to quality and craftsmanship, offering modern gentlemen an empowering collection to make their mark through impeccable style. The Boundary's logo, a fusion of classic and modern design elements, embodies the brand's philosophy with the letter 'B' symbolizing setting boundaries and pushing limits in a classic yet innovative way.
We believe that the unboxing experience should be as memorable as wearing our pieces. The Boundary's packaging is a visual and tactile delight. The boxes are made from fine-quality paper, emphasizing our commitment to attention to detail. The exterior features the logo, hot-stamped in an understated and elegant manner.

Creativity Unfold 2023

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Creativity Unfold 2023
_Key Visual design

Discover an inspiring journey at 'CREATIVE BUSINESS CONNEXT.' This event is devoted to the revelation of future visions, igniting your creative flame, and exploring significant business prospects. Delve into our three distinguished programs: Creativities Unfold, Creative Business Space, and Creative Excellence Awards. This year, we have come up with three different key visual designs for the event.

Kraf Vibe Bangna

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Kraf Vibe Bangna
Logo, Brand Identity & key Visual design
Client : Altitude Development, Thailand

Stella Artois Chalice

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Stella Artois Chalice Design
Client : Brewberry Thailand

A Glimse into Modern Symbolism in 20th

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A new interpretation on Thailand’s symbolism through images of the propagandas
from the time of the people’s revolution in the 20th century.

Edition of 50, First Published

Poomruethai Suebsantiwongse
Kanwee Harichanwong
Sukrita Jirakornkraisang
Natnapat Kullananant


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Client : BIKK Official_Bangkok, Thailand


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An extraordinary story of the three chefs that coincided reflects one of the brightest concepts behind the restaurant “SAN”. Therefore, we brought this image that truly represents Thai Chinese fusion notion – echoing their fundamental motives.

Azure Identity

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Client : AZURE Hostel_Bangkok, Thailand


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A Smart Pre-Trained Chatbot Rudi uses natural language understanding framework to organize comprehensive information from various sources and make it universally accessible and useful.


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Café and People (C.A.P.) is a store, which its long-story was originated in the historic community of Chanthaburi province, Thailand. Its logo was designed based on the various popular and distinguished characteristics and products of Chanthaburi such as rabbit, waterfall, sapphire, mat etc. These key elements are represented into one Chanthaburi’s symbol and as portrayal of the community. This project was initiated under the intention to modernize the logo, and establish new branding image as an inspiration to ultimately transform community’s perception of the existing logo.
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