MikkiRun Central Embassy

(Architectural & Interior Service) (Branding Services) (Packaging) (Private) (Signage)
Project : MikkiRun
Area : 63 Sq.m.
Located : Central Embassy Bangkok, Thailand

Easterly Signage

(Brand Identity) (Signage)
The Easterly Project is an inspired and river life-focused that seeks to embrace the natural beauty and serenity of a river community. This concept revolves around the idea of water waves and the ever-changing colors reflected in the river throughout the day. It aims to create a harmonious and visually captivating environment that connects residents with the tranquility of waterfront living while celebrating the ephemeral qualities of nature.

Hamberger Studio

(Brand Identity) (Packaging) (Signage)
Client : HAMBURGER STUDIO_Bangkok, Thailand

Azure Signage

(Brand Identity) (Signage)
Client : AZURE Hostel_Bangkok, Thailand


(Brand Identity) (Illustration) (Packaging) (Prints) (Signage)
Café and People (C.A.P.) is a store, which its long-story was originated in the historic community of Chanthaburi province, Thailand. Its logo was designed based on the various popular and distinguished characteristics and products of Chanthaburi such as rabbit, waterfall, sapphire, mat etc. These key elements are represented into one Chanthaburi’s symbol and as portrayal of the community. This project was initiated under the intention to modernize the logo, and establish new branding image as an inspiration to ultimately transform community’s perception of the existing logo.
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